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We understand our clients & their wealth the best, So we built a business around it.

The Financial Mall was founded by Mr. Neeraj Chauhan in May, 1992. The Financial Mall operates out of two offices at Gurgaon & New Delhi. While laying the foundation of The Financial Mall in India, we were guided by a single minded client centric approach. Our practice model was built around the very needs of clients. The Financial Mall’s unique selling point is that it manages the total financial affairs of clients. In other words at The Financial Mall' believe that like an Architect our role is to help our client to design and create a financial home of their comfortable future.

Realize Goals With Financial Planner

The Financial Planning services are tailored to meet client's needs as determined through the process of Financial Planning. It helps create a financial path to help them meet their financial life goals based on a deep understanding of their needs and superior implementation.

How CFP in India will manage it – This is the question come to the mind to investors and they are curious to know about the financial planner.

Esteemed financial planner Mr Neeraj Chauhan will answer you about financial planning and his services in India.

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Client Testimonials
Achal Kaushal : from Delhi
“As a Financial Planner Mr. Neeraj has played a significant role in some of my decisions related to investments / insurance. He listens with patience and after a dispassionate analysis comes out with creative solutions to ones financial planning / insurance needs. Can always trust him.”
Anurag Goyal : from Gurgaon
“Neeraj is very well versed with the financial world. His product recommendations based on client's needs is commendable and displays his command over his domain.”
Sunil Bajaj : from UAE
“Neeraj Chauhan is an expert cum planner in his field and suggests the various options with a valid reason. I have availed his services many times since 2001. He has always planned my investments quite well and i have achieved a lot through his good advice. I recommend him to anyone without any second thought.”
Prabhas Kashyap : from Ethiopia
“In Neeraj I found reliable, dependable and forward thinking investment planner. Keep it up, we need more like you.”
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